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A unique, hand crafted gift

The Ten Watch Box is elegant and smart in design. The piece comprises of solid bog-oak frame with a hardened glass lid on top. Brass joints are fitted within the frame to affirm a strong construct and secure the ten watches held inside on plump cotton pillows.

If you are looking for something a little smaller, we have the six watch version.




Dovedale Design Studio

Ten Watch Box by Dovedale Design Studios for AUTHOR's collections of luxury and unique home accessories

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"I would definitely recommend you to friends and colleagues.
I haven't come across you before, though I avidly read interiors magazines, Country Life, RA mags etc...... You are now on my favourites list!”

Louise J (London)


Dovedale Design Studio

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  • Exquisitely hand crafted by the talented team at Dovedale Design Studio in London.

    Made from hardened glass and a solid bog-oak wood frame. Detailed with brass finger joints and hinges. They have plump cotton pillows to hold your watch collection in place.


  • Width: 330mm
    Depth: 85mm
    Height: 205mm

  • 7 to 8 weeks as this piece is made to order

  • The wood used for the box and the handle is an indigenous, thousand year old bog oak from north Cambridgeshire. It’s natural colour is preserved as it has only been sealed with a transparent natural oil. It is important to keep the wood dry, using only a damp cloth to wipe clean if necessary. Annual oiling of the wood with natural transparent wood oil is suggested. Keep the box in a cool, dry environment.