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Vicky Higginson




Vicky Higginson

Shino Glass Tea Bowls by Vicky Higginson for AUTHOR's collection if British-made luxury and unique homeware

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Creatively handblown by Vicky Higginson in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The pattern on these glass vases echo the traditional Japanese ‘shino’ ceramic glaze, and is sandblasted to create a tactile surface texture, which contrasts with the smooth black, white or red sections of the pieces.

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  • Height: approx 10cm
    Width: approx 10cm

  • 3 in stock (1 of each colour), 4 weeks depending on Vicky's schedule for more.

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  • To wash simply rinse with water and clean with a damp cloth. To remove dust or dirt and dry, wipe the bowl with with a soft, clean cloth.
Why we love this product

A new and soothing way to drink tea.

These stunning tea bowls are inspired by the Japanese tea bowls, called 'chawan' and used in traditional tea ceremonies. The beautiful pattern on the outside of the bowl echoes the Japanese 'shino' ceramic glaze which makes these pieces innovative and unique as they are made from glass. The maker sandblasts the pieces to create this effect making them tactile and wonderful to hold as you sip your morning tea from them. There is an exquisite contrast between the tactual exterior surface and the smooth interior. 

Available in three colours, these gorgeous bowls encourage us to slow down and take the time to enjoy the peace and simplicity of a nice cup, bowl rather, of tea. 

What our customers say...

I have been buying from Author for sometime now and have been very impressed and satisfied by the quality of design and workmanship.