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Imagine lounging on this modern interpretation of a traditional design whilst sipping on a coffee, playing chess or reading a book.

This chic day bed is not only a practical item, it is also a beautiful statement piece that will work in any sitting room, study or studio. It looks elegant with one bolster but two bolsters makes it excellent for the corner of a room. 

Ideal for a power nap but also useful as a generous and suitable single bed if needed at night. We adore the makers' signature ‘wobbly’ legs that are wonderfully eccentric. We also love how this day bed merges functionality with a classic and timeless style. It will work as a comfortable seat for parties or even afternoon tea catch-ups with friends.




Wooden and wool day bed, handmade in Britain



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  • Perfectly handcrafted in East Yorkshire.

    It comes with one bolster but two bolsters can be ordered for ends or corners.

    Comes in a range of finishes – European Oak, White Oiled Ash and Ebonised Oak. Finished with Danish Oil. The bolster and mattress are made from foam and wool. All the fabric is 100% wool and made in Yorkshire in a wide variety of colour ways. You may also supply your own fabric if preferred. Please get in touch for samples. If you need an alternative size – bespoke services are available.


  • Width: 180cm
    Height: 44cm
    Depth: 80cm
    Mattress Height: 10cm

  • 3 to 5 weeks

  • The hard-wax oil finish gives the timber a natural lustre and creates a microporous seal that allows the timber to breathe. It also protects the bed from everyday wear and tear as well as stains and spills. Please note that the hard-wax oil continues to harden for up to 4 weeks after application so please take care in the first few weeks after delivery.
    For daily cleaning of the timber, use a clean damp cloth and wipe in the direction of the grain. Make sure to remove excess moisture with a dry cloth. Be sure to wipe immediately if any spillages, especially liquids that stain. Do not use any detergents, furniture polishes or abrasive cleaners.
    For long term care, a periodic application of hard-wax oil every year or two is recommended.
    For the wool, weekly light vacuuming is advised. For spills, immediately soak up the stain with a soft absorbent cloth. Do not dry the stain completely or it may set. The longer a stain is left the more difficult it is to remove. We recommend professional dry cleaning 2-3 times a year.