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Mirror, mirror on the wall...

The maker of this mirror combines traditional cabinet-making skills, like the gorgeous swallow-tail joint, with contemporary techniques, such as the steam bent shape, to make these beautifully simple and sophisticated mirrors. The fine bend of timber around the elliptical mirror displays the exquisiteness of the wood which has been chosen specifically for its distinctive look. Little wood is used as possible to make these mirrors in order to be sustainable and nothing goes to waste. 

It's the small elegant details such as the hand cutting of the swallow-tail joints or the copper tacts that hold it in place that put a smile on your face every time you look into this mirror. Knowing the care and attention that has been taken to create it makes it such a delight. These mirrors are well suited to any room due to the different choices of timber. 



Tom Trimmins

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Tom Trimmins

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  • Steam bent and expertly made from reclaimed wood by Tom Trimmins in Islington, London.

    Available in walnut, ash and oak timbers. Pictured here is the walnut and oak. Fixings are included so the mirror can be hung in either orientation. A heavy-duty wall hook is also included.


  • Small:-
    Height: 425mm
    Width: 305mm

    Height: 605mm
    Width: 425mm
    Depth: 50mm

    Height: 845mm
    Width: 605mm
    Depth: 50mm

    Extra Large:-
    Height: 1195mm
    Width: 845mm
    Depth: 50mm

  • Everything is made to order. Lead times are usually 6-8 weeks.

  • Clean the glass with a soft cloth and glass cleaner, avoid overspray onto the wood or spraying the cleaner too liberally. Ensure the cloth is clean to avoid scratches. The wood can be cleaned with a duster as it is already coated with an eco-friendly oil. If the surface is damaged, you can repair it by wiping a small amount of the oil over the area with a paper towel. This item is not intended for use outside or in high humidity areas such as bathrooms or other extreme environments.