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Inspired by shells and urchins

This gorgeous tea light candle holder has the appearance of a real urchin, making you question whether it is actual shell or ceramic. It is the desired effect from the maker as she wanted the design to look like a real oscillating urchin. These exquisite pieces are very thinly cast so they are delicate yet strong from being stoneware fired. The stoneware firing also makes the porcelain look translucent when a candle is lit inside of it, making the piece glow perfectly. 

The contrast between the optional 24 carat gold lustre dribble and the matt porcelain of the urchin adds to its eye-catching silhouette. The richness of the gold is exquisite and creates an extra level of sophistication to the piece. 



Red Earth Designs

porcelain sea urchin tea light holder by Red Earth Designs for AUTHOR: home of British-made luxury homeware

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"We required a business gift to be sent to an associate as a thank you. AUTHOR procured, beautifully packaged and delivered the gift with a lovely hand written note. It was done seamlessly and professionally and was so easy, I wasn’t even in the country! I would highly recommend them if you ever required a gift service."

R. Forster ( Fife)


Red Earth Designs
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  • Beautifully handmade by Claire Gibson at the Red Earth Designs studio in Northern Ireland.

    Thinly slip cast in porcelain flax casting slip, then adorned with individual hand pierced holes and individual hand-added spikes. There is an option to have with 24 carat gold lustre dribble added.


  • Large Plain Circular:
    Height: 9cm
    Width: 12cm
    Length: 12cm
    Weight: 85 grams

    With Gold Dribble:
    Height: 7.5cm
    Width: 11cm
    Length: 11cm
    Weight: 75 grams

  • 2 to 3 weeks if not in stock

  • Wash in warm soapy water and air dry
    May be soaked in bleach solution to remove any stains