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A quirky little character to brighten up any room.

These beautiful ‘freeform’ ceramic sculptures are elegantly rippled and twisting, the fluid shape giving a feel of continuous movement in a vortex. There is harmony and balance in the design, through the central vertical axis, which is rather calming and reassuring.

The maker describes her ‘Freeform’ series as: “Fluid sketches in clay, sensuous movement caught in an instant of time.” There is a lightness of touch to her work, and although glazed and fired, the properties of wet clay are still very much apparent in this series of pieces. As such, it is easy to feel a connection with the maker’s hands and fingers through the ripples and marks in the clay, which tell the story of how this sculpture came into being.

The impression of spinning, moving bodies, jaunty shoulders or hips, and quirkily cocked heads give these pieces each a unique personality. Any one could be displayed alone or with others from the set, arranging the tall freeform, twisted freeform and white bird sculptures together, as shown in our photograph, like a group of people chatting. Also try contrasting the black and white finishes to make a really strong visual statement.



Penny Withers

White Bird Ceramic Sculpture by Penny Withers for AUTHOR

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Penny Withers

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  • Composed by Penny Withers in her Sheffield studio.

    This ceramic piece has been ‘composed’ and thrown on the wheel, creating a beautiful twisty, rippling effect on the body of the pot all the way from its solid base to its slender neck. The porcelain is fired with a pure, plain white glaze so not to detract from the beautiful shape.


  • Height: 34cm
    Widths: -
    Base diameter: 11cm
    Top diameter: 4.5cm
    Middle (at the widest point): 19cm

  • These pots are all individual so no piece is exactly the same. It could be up to 8 weeks, depending on the maker's schedule, to receive another one of her designs.

    * A specialised delivery service will be required for this piece; our customer service team will be in contact to discuss delivery options & related costs.

  • Take care not to scratch the glaze on your sculpture. Should it become necessary, it can be cleaned with a little detergent and warm water on a soft cloth.