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Tufts of meadow grass blown in the breeze, each blade, each minuscule, tiny seed captured in perfect detail.

We adore this delicate sculptural piece from Katie Spragg’s ‘Turf’ series.

The base of the sculpture is created from a lump of clay which Katie rakes until it looks realistically like a heavy clod of muddy turf. She rolls and builds up the clay by hand to create the shape, using images for reference and forming each individual blade separately in a quest to make them as representative as possible. The sculptures are unglazed and fired straight up to stoneware temperature in the kiln.

Windswept Turf is designed to be displayed at eye level, and looks stunning placed on a high mantle piece. The unglazed finish gives a purity to this piece which the maker describes as a blank canvas to which memories can be attached.



Katie Spragg

Windswept Turf ceramic sculpture by Katie Spragg for AUTHOR's collections of British-made home accessories


Katie Spragg

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  • Sculpted lovingly by Katie Spragg in her studio.

    This is a ceramic piece, made from clay. No glaze has been used. The sculptures are meticulously hand made and so your version will be delightfully unique.

    Please note that as these pieces are individually made, the price may vary.


  • Base width: approx. 5.5cm
    Depth: approx. 7.5cm
    Height without grass blades: approx. 5.5cm
    Height with grass blades: approx. 18cm

  • This sculpture can be delivered to you in 6 weeks.

    A specialised delivery service will be required for this piece; our customer service team will be in contact to discuss delivery options & related costs.

  • The turf sculptures are very delicate, extremely fragile. The Windswept Turf has been designed to be viewed at eye height and this is also good to note as a practical safety measure. Keep the sculpture well away from wagging tails, padding paws, curious fingers. If necessary, the piece can be carefully dusted, with the gentlest of touch.