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Mirror, mirror, clasped in a rugged stone base.

Katharina Eisenkoeck's pieces inhabit the difficult-to-define area between sculpture and functional home accessory, between the worlds of art and interiors. They are interior pieces with a sculptural feel, that are beautiful in their own right – useful yet decorative.

We love the robust, heavy stone base of this mirror which indisputably has a feminine feel to it. This clever contrast is so appealing. The stone is weighty – solid, yet partially translucent, and the nature of the stone means that each piece has its own unique characteristics.

This size of mirror is well suited to a dressing table, cloakroom or bathroom, as a make-up, hair or shaving mirror.



Katharina Eisenkoeck

Katharina Eisenkoeck - Stone Mirror


Katharina Eisenkoeck

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  • Designed and handmade by Katharina Eisenkoeck in her London studio.

    The Cream Stone Mirror has been made using alabaster stone. The circular mirror has a brass rim.

    The mirror base is also available in soapstone and jasper, or another type or colour of stone if preferred. The mirror can also be made in a different, preferred size – please get in touch to discuss other options.


  • Height: approx. 50 cm
    Width: approx. 30 cm

  • Within 4 weeks if in stock.

  • The mirror itself may be cleaned with standard mirror cleaning spray. The stone base may be wiped with a soft damp cloth. The brass rim of the mirror is unvarnished so over time the patina will change and get darker giving a wonderful antiqued look.