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Handmade from stoneware clay

This stunning piece has been handcrafted by sculptor, Jennie McCall. It is hand modelled from stoneware clay, giving it a beautiful textured effect which almost looks like marble or stone. Its smaller size allows it to sit happily on a mantlepiece, shelf or book case, acting as a gorgeous book end or objet d'art. Perfect as it would be on a shelf, it would be spectacular in a solitary position, situated where it can be appreciated from every angle. 



Jennie McCall

Male Torso Maquette by Jennie McCall for AUTHOR's collection of luxury British-made home accessories

What our customers say...

I received my order of candles, some for myself and some for Christmas pressies.

Author has gone to the trouble of beautifully wrapping the ones I had for as gifts, which made giving them to my family such a joy! And I am thoroughly enjoying burning the ones I purchased for myself. I think Tranquil is my favourite and remind me of being in a very luxurious spa! Thank you Author! Can I order some more please?!

Mrs L Clark


Jennie McCall

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  • Exquisitely handcrafted by sculptor, Jennie McCall, in her Midlands based studio.

    Hand modelled in stoneware clay then glazed. The base is made from blackened oak. As each maquette is handmade by Jennie, there will be small elements of difference in shape or glaze, making yours truly unique.


  • 7cm x 19cm x 5cm
    Weight: 300gms

  • Up to 2 weeks

  • Use of a soft brush to lightly dust when needed