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Beautifully Haunting Snowscape Photography of the Arctic

"Dreaming" was taken by photographer and artist, Patricia Ramaer, on her residency and expedition to the Arctic in 2018. Patricia's landscape photography is taken in remote locations, inspired by the pioneering first explorers, pioneers and the raw beauty of these remote places. Her photography holds a certain energy and feeling of timelessness that is simply beautiful.

"Dreaming" was shot in the ghost town Ny-LondonSvalbard. In the hope of marble export, this small settlement was set up but the marble crumbled along with the pioneer’s hopes and dreams. This image is idyllic and beautifully haunting at the same time.

Each wall art panel is printed and hand crafted to the artist's specification at an award winning and industry-leading print lab in Scotland.



Patricia Ramaer

2019©Patricia Ramaer

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Patricia Ramaer

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  • Part of the 'Between' series, a series of incredible photographs from an Arctic expedition by renowned Scottish based photographer, Patricia Ramaer.

    Shot in Ghost Town, Ny London, Svalbard.

    Limited edition series, each piece is numbered and signed by the artist. Printed on acrylic 6mm gloss.


  • 24”x36” - Limited to 150 pieces
    30"x40" - Limited to 100 pieces
    40"x60" - Limited to 50 pieces

  • 10 working days

  • Lightly dust, with a soft clean cotton cloth.
    Use as little pressure as possible to avoid scratches.
    Sweep the cloth gently from side to side to remove any dust.