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'Frail Shelter'

These beautiful wire sculpture trees are hand crafted by Northern Irish artist, Joy Gray. Joy found the inspiration for this piece by observing a large magpie nest perched on the uppermost branches of a very slender tree. The tree and nest would surely have came down in heavy wind, if it were not for the other delicate, tall trees surrounding it. Each giving support to each other in this little gathering.

This wire sculpture can be perfectly displayed in a sitting room, dining room, lounge or hall. The piece is mounted on five individual plinths to allow for different combinations of groupings – a little forest, a line of trees or even ones displayed apart from others, making you free to display as you suit or wish.



Joy Gray

'Final Shelter' wire art sculpture by British artist Joy Gray for AUTHOR


Joy Gray

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  • Creatively handmade by talented artist, Joy Gray, in Bangor, Northern Ireland.

    Hand built with fine wire. Each tree is unique and shaped to capture the organic lines of the branches in a small wood. Areas of the wire have been gently rusted (and sealed) while other areas remain almost black. These subtle tonal effects add to the natural, wild beauty of this piece. High up in the branches is a little nest created in very fine, gold plated wire, highlighting the preciousness of this tiny nest. Mounted on five individual oak plinths.


  • Height: 52cm
    Width: 25cm
    Depth: 21cm
    Weight: 1.7 kg approximately

  • 1 week

  • Dust lightly when needed