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These delightful leverets will bring you joy with their big eyes and gentle faces

These adorable baby hares are a smaller version of the larger Raku Hare we also feature. As with the adult version, these loveable leverets are hand built from clay and fired by talented ceramic artist, Richard Ballantyne, in his Buckinghamshire studio. Their beautiful, sporadic, crackly pattern is created by the use of the Raku firing technique which sees the pieces removed from the kiln and cooled down to 800 degrees and then put into a mixture of sawdust or paper to create the exquisite crackled pattern. 

Richard has succeeded in capturing the character of these leverets in his charming, immutable style. Due to their petite size, these pieces can be located easily in bookshelves or even a bedside table. We have them grouped together (as seen pictured) with their mother, making a gorgeous family unit on a mantlepiece or side table. 



Richard Ballantyne

Raku Leveret by Richard Ballantyne for AUTHOR's unique collections of British-made home accessories

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"I really like your website -I like its emphasis on the makers, on quality and on objects that seem a bit different and special ( I will definitely explore more!). And it was easy to contact you - and you replied - quickly! All rather marvellous!”

L Jones ( London) 


Richard Ballantyne

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  • Expertly handmade and fired in Buckinghamshire by ceramic artist Richard Ballantyne.

    These gorgeous baby hares, also known as leverets, are completely handmade and so each is unique and individual. Hand built from clay, these leverets are created using the ancient Raku firing technique to create the stunning patterned glaze. Available in two different poses: sitting or lying down.


  • As each piece is handmade unique, these sizes are to be used as a guideline.

    Sitting Down:
    Height: approx. 16.5cm
    Width: approx. 14.5cm
    Depth: approx. 8cm
    Weight: 690g

    Lying Down:
    Height: approx. 7.5cm
    Length: approx 19.5cm
    Width: approx. 9cm
    Weight: 660g

  • No sitting leveret in stock, the lying down one is in stock.

  • Just a light dust using a feather duster or a soft, clean cloth.