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The Monarch Chair is distinctly Scottish in its design.

The cultural connection is even stronger given that the chair with the No.1 stamp is on display in Edinburgh Castle.

The upright seating position suits thinking rather than lounging. We suggest sitting in the Monarch chair to ponder particularly Scottish thoughts, such as ‘How many Burns sonnet books would one need to stack to reach the moon’.



Hugh Parsons

Hugh Parsons - Monarch Chair


Hugh Parsons

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  • From the Edinburgh workshop of Hugh Parsons.

    Sit in state on this regal piece of furniture, which can be admired on display in Edinburgh Castle.

    Tan leather upholstery and an ebonised Oak frame with an oiled finish.


  • Height: 87cm
    Width: 73cm
    Depth: 67cm

  • 8 weeks, depending on Hugh's schedule.

    A specialised delivery service will be required for this piece; our customer service team will be in contact to discuss delivery options & related costs.

  • As a natural product, leather needs careful attention to stay beautiful. Just like human skin, hide is prone to drying out and cracking if overheated so avoid placing the Monarch Chair close to radiators or fires. Care should also be taken to avoid direct sunlight as this can cause the colour to fade.
    Never use proprietary furniture polishes, spirit based cleaners or stain removers as these can harm the leather. Should you spill something on the leather, wipe it immediately.
    The oil finish on the timber is easier to care for than you might think. It can simply be wiped clean using a damp, lint-free cloth, following always the direction of the grain. After time, the finish might start to show signs of wear. You can re-apply an oil coat, however please contact a professional before attempting this. All this maker's oiled furniture is coated with Osmo Polyx oil, unless it is stated otherwise.