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A cascade of vibrant, colourful flowers.

This stunning silk piece, entitled Falling Flowers, is produced by the creative team at EvA Bespoke and is a favourite of ours here at AUTHOR. We were so in love with this creation that we wanted to frame it and display it in all its gorgeous splendour.

The simple, clean lined box frame outlines the piece perfectly without taking anything away from it (not that it ever could!). Amelia created the beautiful print which was then rendered digitally onto the silk. Ellie then explored different threads and colour palettes to use, resulting in the wonderful layer of embroidery of vivid blue and bright pink, adding a new dimension, particularly when viewed in different lighting.

The rich vibrancy of deep colours gives this piece so much life and brings elegance to any room it is displayed in, whichever orientation it is hung. We love how the high quality embroidery and print work symbiotically, giving this one-off, unique piece longevity. Falling Flowers is truly one of a kind. 



Eva Bespoke

EvA Bespoke - silk art piece


Eva Bespoke

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  • Beautifully made by the talented team behind EvA Bespoke, print designer Amelia Graham-Mercuriali and embroiderer Ellie Macdonald.

    Digitally printed silk with free hand machine embroidery in a clean, black box frame.


  • 1150 x 1630 mm

  • Please allow 2 weeks for safe delivery.

  • To avoid the silk fading, please keep this piece out of direct sunlight. Gently remove any dust when needed.