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We adore the detailed, clever, witty designs of Max McCance's furniture and sculptural objects. The technical know-how and patient assembly that goes into each piece is very impressive. There is probably an aspect of this that appeals to the scientific or mathematically minded, given the advance planning and accuracy needed to assemble all the separate pieces. 

We ourselves prefer to sit back and enjoy the overall effect of the beautifully finished piece. 

This Head sculptures are constructed from carefully cut slices of timber, arranged ‘jenga style’ to form the contours of a head. This wonderful sculpture is especially dramatic when viewed in profile, from either side.

There is also a hidden surprise with the Head sculpture. The top portion of the skull lifts up to reveal a handy storage space inside. Perhaps stash your favourite chocolates inside.




Max McCance

Head Sculpture - timber head sculpture and box by Max McCance for AUTHOR

What our customers say...

How lovely to see such beautifully made British originals at the touch of a button . The Author team find and display a range of very special pieces that will become the heirlooms of the future.

Chamkilla Thompson


Max McCance

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  • From the workshop of Max McCance in rural Fife.

    Constructed from Afrormosia timber but also made in fumed oak. The top portion of the sculpture opens up, with storage space inside.


  • Height with base: 28cm
    Width with base: 21cm
    Depth of base: 21cm
    Thickness of base: 3cm

  • up to 8 weeks, depending on the Max's schedule

  • Does not need to be oiled or waxed. Simply dust and clean with furniture spray.